OpenNMN is Decentralized Biotech. The goal is to work together to make NMN accessible and the means of production open-source and community owned.

OpenNMN is actively raising funds on DAO Up!

What is NMN?

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is the subject of current research into longevity and aging. NMN can be converted to NAD+ in our bodies, NAD+ plays a role in maintaining our DNA and modifying our epigenome.

Research is ongoing, if this compound extends and enhances human life it should be openly available to anyone who wishes to use it.

How do we do this?


The plan is to raise funds on DAO Up and run the DAO on DAO DAO. The more we raise the more people we can grant access to and the further we can grow, but this will be done in multiple rounds of fundraising. We created the $NMN token which will allow holders to vote on treasury usage, submit proposals, and stake for varying levels of access. Our initial funding round goal is 3500 Juno which is about $100,000. But we intend to raise around $15,000,000 in total throughout all of our funding rounds. Why do we need this much funding?

We intend to genetically modify yeast to convert Vitamin B3 to NMN. This is a complex task that will take time, but with $100,000 to pay for genetic construct design, rounds of chemical testing, and lab time, we can likely develop a functioning prototype. If we don't have successful funding rounds following our first then the yeast NMN plasmid will be made available online as genetic NFTs along with instructions.

Yeast Colonies on a Petri Dish

With more funds we could provide kits to DAO members, and perhaps design at-home bioreactors for users to grow and experiment with their NMN yeast. The real power comes in if we raise closer to our $15,000,000 goal however. This is where we will collectively manufacture biologically sourced NMN to sell to the public, since the goal is accessibility and not solely collective ownership we will aim to have the lowest price possible and submit our process to the FDA and revolutionize the creation of NMN.

Bioengineered products are highly regulated and very costly, however as a DAO not needing fulltime staff we can cut these costs down tremendously. Without FDA approval our genetically modified yeast would be illegal to distribute with the intention of use as food, supplement, or drug. It would be solely for research purposes and exploration. But we want to make a tangible impact on peoples lives and make this an accessible supplement, to be able to see what NMN can really do for human health and longevity.

There are a lot of decisions left as to how we progress but the goal is to start a biotech company to rival big pharma. Doing this as a DAO allows these decisions to be made together and to evolve effortlessly as the project continues. Transparency and inclusion are what will allow biotech to flourish and change our world for the better.

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Legal Disclaimer:

OpenNMN is not a legal entity. OpenNMN makes no claims about Nicotinamide mononucleotide. OpenNMN Yeast is not safe for human consumption and is not to be used as food ingredient, a health supplement, or drug. OpenNMN is a community biology project for holders of $NMN governance tokens. All conversations and communications with DAO members which take place in any public or semi-public forum (e.g. Discord or Twitter) are not to be considered financial, tech, investment, or health advice for any purpose. $NMN is not an investment and OpenNMN does not give financial advice. OpenNMN takes no liability for financial losses, injuries, or misconduct of it's members or non-members interacting with $NMN token or OpenNMN Yeast. All members and non-members are responsible their own actions and decisions.